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Thanks for your interest in supporting our band! This post will show you all the ways you can support Double Experience in lieu of touring across the world (the “norm” from 2014-2020).


Let’s start with the free ways:

  • Following Double Experience on Twitch, Instagram, subscribing on YouTube, or joining our Facebook page all assist Double Experience. You might also consider our discord server if you fancy yourself as part of the “inner circle”...

  • Have Double Experience’s Twitch page open as much as you are able - though the benefits of this seem obvious, it is also nice when our band hosts other like-minded streamers in our community of nerd rock. Pay it forward!

  • Contribute positive energy in our Twitch chat, everyone wants to have a good time and cut loose from external stressors. Outside of our regular stream hours, please bring your positive energy over to our discord server!

  • In many countries, you can receive bits by completing short Twitch surveys (some awarding up to 500 bits). 

Lastly, some optional paid ways to support our streams:

  • Subscribe on Twitch - Though you do not require a Twitch account to view any of our streams, making an account and subscribing is where the real fun starts. For $4.99 per month you can be a Tier 1 sub, instantly unlocking a collection of awesome emotes you can use across the Twitch platform. You also get a chat badge (some prestige/bragging rights). If you are feeling extra generous, Tier 2 and Tier 3 emotes are available as well. These latter Tiers are reserved for those who want to go the extra mile and provide our band with the opportunity to prioritize our live-stream activities.

  • Become a Patreon member and dig deep into the version of Double Experience you like best. Want to participate in regular songwriting sessions with the band? Want to get more out of our regular live-stream concerts as a full band? Do you just want more original music? There is a membership tier with your name on it.

  • Tip Double Experience directly through the Twitch chat using a cheer message - You can buy 'bits' from Twitch and send them to any streamer with a message in their chat. Streamers get $0.01 for each bit they receive. Purchase bits from Twitch, enter the number you want to give, and send then the message. For example, typing "You rule Double Experience cheer100" in our Twitch chat would send our band 100 bits.

  • Select merchandise will be made available throughout the year. Patreon and Discord users get first priority of limited-edition pieces. 

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